Thursday, July 15, 2010


do you know what my favourite letter of the alphabet is? c. i should mention, this is particularly in relation to food and drinks. if i was only allowed to eat food that started with one letter of the alphabet for the rest of my life, it would be c. i don't know why this would ever happen, but i like to have survival strategies in place for all situations.

where do i even start? coffee, cheese, chips, champagne, chilli, chocolate, cherries, croissants, corn, custard - do you see what i mean? in my imaginary world of c-foods, you are also allowed to think laterally, so things like curry, cabernet sauvignon, creamy tasmanian butter and chinese-style dumplings are also allowable.

i seem to enjoy food and music in equal amounts, so i thought, why not apply the 'c principle' to songs as well? this is, hands down, the easiest mixtape i've ever made for you - just like food there are SO many good tracks that start with the letter c. here's a selection that tantalised my ears the most this past week. xx

cosmic love - florence & the machine

oh my. this is my fave florence song from lungs, and they never make my fave songs into singles! until now. i now even more can't wait for you to come to sydney flowelch.

california waiting - kings of leon

this is K.O.L at their dreamiest, the perfect tune to counteract wild winter weather.

challengers - the new pornographers

i like their old stuff better than their new stuff, from the album of the same name. also the video clip to this is cute and colourful as.

careless - paul kelly

what more is there to say except, paul kelly - you are a dreamboat. and actually, a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of meeting his very tall son!

cover my eyes - la roux

how cool is carriageworks, and their winter wonderland extravanganza they're putting on for sydney this month? pretty much cool as ice ice baby. i can't wait to get my skate on this weekend, and i would like to skate to this song in particular.

court and spark - joni mitchell

man, all this c-work has me craving some delicious c-food. time to go whip up some chicken enchiladas - ole!

cherish - madonna

i once had to do a dance audition to this song in primary school. needless to say, i totally got picked for the 'A' group. thanks madonna.

cheap clothes - whitley

this song makes me dream of being a vagabond and journeying off into far away places. which is exactly what my gorgeous pal sophie is doing. you should check out her blog, it's ace.

cast a hook in me - laura veirs

this girl is so freakin' pretty-making, why oh why isn't she a superstar yet?

calendar girl - stars

have you head the new stars album? i haven't, but i'm dying to wrap my ears around it - if i love it as much as set yourself on fire, this could be my album of the year. stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

would you like me to state the obvious?

it's farking cold. 2 weeks into winter and i'm already feeling the icy bite on my fingers as i struggle to make my knuckles and fingertips and wrists work in harmony.

also speaking of slack fingers, did you miss me while i was gone? i went to paris. it was beautiful. too beautiful. why aren't i still there? oh! because i wanted to make you a mix-tape of all the songs that are currently warming up my chilly limbs now that i'm back in the real world. one day i am going to be rich enough to afford really, really warm gloves. xx

on fire - sebadoh

you know how when you're absolutely bursting to go to the bathroom, people tell you to envision yourself trapped in a hot burning desert, with not a drop of water in your body to spare? they are way nicer than the people who make references to falling rain and gushing waterfalls.

burning - whitest boy alive

whitest boy alive base themselves out of berlin. do you know what's happening in berlin right now? summer. clever devils.

keep me warm - ida maria

you know i really shouldn't complain SO much about winter, because the best part about being cold is finding a way to warm up, and this usually involves snuggling. or whisky.

(love is like a) heat wave - the supremes

ahh, this brings back wonderfully warming memories of performing musical theatre in high school. do you know once we actually did a combo of sister act 1 & 2? righteous on brother.

drop it like it's hot - snoop dogg feat. pharrell williams

this song is great for distracting yourself against the cold while you try and get pharrell's tongue clicking down pat. i might think about trading the sparkly gems for a cardigan though.

bonfire blondes - beck

bonfires are pretty much made for crystal clear, inky black, winter night skies. just make sure you've got a sleeping bag, body heat, a hip flask and an unobstructed view of the stars.

eternal flame - joan as policewoman

the video clip to this song is really adorable, and just think, once winter is over we can do rhythmic gymnastics on the beach too!

keep yourself warm - frightened rabbit

when you don't have someone else to keep you warm, best to invest in one of nanna's knitted blankets, a flannelette nightie and some football socks. and you wonder why you've got no-one around to do the warming for you...

set yourself on fire - stars

i think i might be starting to take this whole using my mind's energy to warm up a bit too seriously. i've burnt myself three times in the past week. this best was this morning, i burnt my index finger on a crumpet.

fever - neko case

if any of you lovely ones feel like you're coming down with a cold, i've got a hot (ha) tip. have a shower with the water as hot as you can possibly stand it, then once you're all wrinkly, wrap yourself in a terry towelling robe. you'll probs start sweating, but that's the whole point, to get rid of the nasties. also hot toddies work a treat xx

Friday, April 30, 2010

money makes the world go...

i like money, i hate money, i make money, i take money, i spend money, i save money, i crave money, i don't care that much for money.

you can get silver money, gold money, paper money, plastic money, fake money, monopoly money, money made out of stuff that you are not allowed to put in christmas puddings anymore, because it's not safe.

i put money in banks, i put money in tins, i put money in jars, i put money in cars. actually that's not true. i don't have a car and i never give anyone petrol money. how awful is that? sorry darling pals with wheels.

there sure are a lot of cliches to do with money. i don't really feel like telling you any of them right now. i think as long as i have enough money to by my pals tequila shots every now and again, i'll be a happy gal. let's all drink tequila right now and listen to my new mixtape! adios babes x

coin laundry - lisa mitchell

my washing machine is currently broken. i wonder if i could go to a coin laundry and fall in true love, that would be like a jackpot laundry!

20 dollar - m.i.a

if you had 20 dollars, 1 store and 5 minutes, where would you be and what would you buy?

who makes your money - spoon

me, that would be me! i don't make a lot but it's ALL mine, and i'm really just so good at spending every little cent that i make, yay for me!

material girl - madonna

i'm not partics a material girl, but this does happen to be one of my fave madonna songs of all time, hmm...

2.99 cent blues - regina spektor

holy smokes, is that regina spektor singing a totally classic blues tune? you bet your bottom 3 dollars it is!

cash cow - we are scientists

i must confess i'm not really sure what a cash cow is. 99% sure it's a bovine type creature that eats greenbacks and fertilises money trees.

money (that's what i want) - the flying lizards

the best things in life are free? yeah, i don't think so lizard ladies. a dinner box costs $19.95, and that's just the most basic one.

gold digger - kanye west

do you know any real live gold diggers? i panned for gold once, when i was in primary school, on excursion. those teensy, tiny, shiny flecks are about as close as i ever got.

how i made my millions - radiohead

you made your millions thom yorke, because you have some of the most genius songwriting capabilities in existence. i'd totally give you a dollar if you were busking on my street.

cash - patti smith

patti smith, what a cool lady. cool as cold, hard cash. is cash that cool, temperature wise i mean? maybe if you keep it in the fridge.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tick tock

hook. one of my favourite movies EVS. dustin, fairies, robin, maggie, exploding paint balls, marbles, lost boys. it's all just bangarang to me. ticks and tocks and clocks and crocs (reptilian-like creatures, not clunky plastic footwear) feature heavily in this dreamboat of a film.

also i decided to fall in true love with we are scientist's 'after hours' this week.

what do you get when you mix these two seemingly unrelated things together in a dazzle sized mixing bowl? a temporal themed mixtape, that's what. it's freshly baked, enjoy little buddies x

after hours - we are scientists

the catalyst that started me on my musical musings this week. the subtitles and cardigans featured in this film clip are magnificent. it's definitely true love.

too much time - john vanderslice

i love this song, but can't say i necessarily agree with johnny v at the moment. i've had to start doing my washing at 1am in the morn in order to have a semblance of clean clothes.

mowgli's rd - marina and the diamonds

ha, this one is a bit sneaky. marina gets to feature in this week's mixtape purely for her 'cuckoo' abilities, which i heard around the traps were a crazy one-off muck around anyway.

this years love - david gray

oh, time for a heartbreaker i see. except if you listen to the words, it's actually quite hopeful and optimistic. oh love, so intrinsically linked with time. and cholera, if you're gabriel garcía márquez.

lost in time - whitley

did you know whitley is hanging up his guitar strings for good soon? this is sad news. i sure hope we get to see lawrence in another band incarnation in the future.

spending my time - roxette

while i'm a big fan of roxette, i'm not such a fan of spending my time staring at walls. i prefer to daydream while i'm driving, which is both cathartic and risky.

sentimental heart - she & him

vom, it's the whole time, love, link thing again isn't it? but truly, how can you not like how darn cute this song is, in it's hark back to yesteryear. get me a pastel shift dress and some frosted pink lipstick already.

once in a lifetime - talking heads

i don't know what a shotgun shack is, but i sure could use a spell living in one. does it have a fireplace and a balcony and a pot-bellied stove i wonder?

night time - the xx

i used to be an insomniac, yes i did. but now i sleep like the log lady's favourite possession. my friend zoe gave me a sleeping pill to "practice" with for an upcoming euro flight. but i've so far been too tired to open the millions of layers of cling wrap she wrapped it in. hmmm, is it really a restavit zoe?

time means nothing at all - lisa mitchell

it means nothing, it means everything, it hurts, it heals, there's too much, there's not enough. tick tock. tick tock. cuckoo. til next TIME pals! x

Thursday, April 1, 2010

here kitty kitty

cats are so neat. i really love them a lot. i've never been a dog person and have really just adored kitties my whole life. this is a bit wack when you consider the fact that dogs trip over their little paws with affection for me, while cats, well they mostly act like they couldn't give a bloody stuff.

but me, i'm a lazy bugger. so i like the fact that cats look after themselves, groom themselves, entertain themselves, do not need constant attention, you never have to take them for walks and they never roll in their own shit.

plus, no matter how many times they might parade away from me with aloof and haughty pads of their paws, they always seem to know when you really need them to settle in for a long-haul cuddle. so for that, here's a mixtape dedicated to my most favourite of the domestic pets. meow x

the lovecats - the cure

oh, hi memory lane. do you remember that show 'vidiot' on abc hosted by eden gaha? i saw this clip for the very first time on that show way back when i was a little latch key kid. i probably watched degrassi junior high straight afterwards too.

alley cats - hot chip

when i see the words 'alley cats' i straight away think of murakami novels, then i think about talking in the third person, then i think about eating eel. what a cycle.

belfast (penguins and cats) - katie melua

i don't know about you, but even though i have already stated my love above for the felines, i think if i had to choose between penguins and cats, i'd go for the tuxedo birds... they're even 3 times cuter!

cat claw - the kills

you know how you can get those sugary buns from bakeries called 'bear claws'? well can you get cat claws? and if you can, what do they taste like i wonder?

nashville cats - the lovin' spoonful

i would really adore to go to nashville one day quite soon. especially if i get to meet some nashville cats, they sound so lovely and fun!

purr - sonic youth

i love how rhythmic a cat's purr is. it has this amazing ability to calm even the most manic of panicky heartbeats. plus they make excellent hot water bottles. furry cover already included.

milk - garbage

mum says chocolate isn't good for dogs and milk isn't good for cats, but binge-drinking isn't good for grownups and i didn't see me saying no to another tequila shot on the weekend, did i? so maybe it's ok for them to have a little lap of full cream, every now and again.

whiskers - the boy least likely to

i find a cat's whiskers one of the prettiest and most elegant things about them, the way they are so spindly and fine, but also super strong. plus, i'm sure they have some whizzbang practical function, other than just being aesthetically pleasing.

black cats - bertie blackman

are not bad luck, they are my favourite. out of the seven cats i have had in my life, two have been black as the midnight sky on a moonless night. they have also, coincidentally, had the loveliest natures out of them all too. ps. i may or may not have blatantly stolen a quote from twin peaks in this paragraph.

what's new pussycat - tom jones

this clip makes me just laugh and laugh right down deep in my belly. tom jones, so daggy he's a bloody legend. catch you later cool cats. x

Friday, March 12, 2010

rainbow bright

hi tiny dancers! how cool was rainbow bright? definitely one of my top 3 favourite childhood character pals, along with strawberry shortcake and, of course, punky brewster. talk about sassy, those little minxes ruled.

however, i digress. this mixtape has nothing to do with childhood nostalgia, and everything to do with the rainbow of colours that seem to shimmer and shine with the last intensity of summer and the new sharpness of autumn.

it's such a beautiful time of the year and one of my most favourites. the leaves are already turning, but you can see a rainbow of colours in just one day, and the sunrises (or sunsets if you're not excellent at the early morning rising) are moments of time-standing still magic. it's the kind of weekend where you can spend all morning at the beach, all evening wrapped in a cardigan, and you can actually go for a walk in the afternoon without becoming a melted puddle of perspiration.

i also think it's so beautiful because it's so quick, which give these days a rare and fleeting feeling. make sure you take some time to look outside at the colours, because blink, and the branches will be bare.

i've been listening to this track so much lately. it makes me feel super strong and powerful. just like punky b. i wonder what nicky c was like as a bambino?

cutesticks. i love love love this film clip. it is actually one of my life long dreams to have someone send me a (non-ransom) note in cut out newspaper letters. my address is.... ha, hang on, katie dazzle isn't that daft.

gorgeous to the max. laura veirs has had many a spin on my stereo lately. or, if we're being perfectly honest, many a shuffle on my iPod. plus, this clip i found is adorbs. now, where's that hula hoop i bought in byron bay last year...?

"i glide and swan cause i'm the best slow dancer". AGH, SWOONING IN A FIELD OF EMERALD GREEN LEAVES. this band has stolen my heart a total of 458 times and counting.

from one of my new favourite bands at the momento, featuring the cutest bearded old fellow i've seen in quite some time. beer belly and all.
this song makes me want to tickle tummies, tell jokes and juggle the bowl of oranges before a benevolent crowd. and then squeeze the juice from the oranges and skip down the street.

excuse me, but have you seen the sunsets over the city lately? they are totally magnificent, like gold and pink and purple dust settling all over sydney and putting it to sleep. open your eyes before daylight savings ends. which is in 3 nights time. quick!
continuing on with the colours of precious metals, comes a totally pretty tune by a girl with one of the most awkward names to pronounce. maybe it's just me, but also i have difficulty with the spelling. the silver lining is, i don't think i have dyslexia.

this nz gal has one of the most beautiful voices and some of the most powerful lyrics i've ever heard, but i don't think more than a slight fuss has ever been made about her here in oz. an excellent song to break up to. love maudlin maude.

have i mixtaped this song before? it's a perennial favourite because it was "my song" when growing up, given to me by my ma and pa. they also loved eric clapton, madonna and the mcgarrigle sisters, and for that i will love them forever. even though i love them forever anyway. naff. awkward. laters! xxx

Monday, February 22, 2010

feeling sinful?

i'm not! i had a spectacularly low-key weekend that involved not many drinks, lots of beach time, lots of cooking delicious things, lovely friends and doing good deeds for the family.

karma got her awesome on, and rewarded me with the discovery of my old, still working, casio CA-100 tone bank keyboard, with possibly the best demo track my ears have ever heard.

however, this morning i have woken up with what feels like 56 teeny, tiny razor blades stuck in my throat, which after a relatively booze/party free week and weekend, strikes me as ironic.

what does not strike me as ironic is the fact i made the conscious decision to be kind to katie dazzle last week, in order to attempt to rewind party season, and four months where i was the poster girl for debauchery.

here's a mixtape themed around the seven deadlies, and it's dedicated to everyone who's lived their summer to excess. x

jealous guy - bryan ferry & roxy music

a.k.a. envy. monday mornings are just the hardest, espesh on days when it should be illegal to be stuck inside non-airconditioned offices. bryan ferry, with his super, smooth skin and perfect, white teeth makes them heaps more bearable. and don't even get me started on his outfit - i want that tie.

insatiable one - and you will know us by the trail of the dead

a.k.a. greed. you know what i'm talking about sinners. those kind of marvellous hangovers where your stomach is so bottomless you can eat breakfast, lunch, two dinners and a whole packet of potato gems without feeling sick. til monday rolls around at least. ps. in the spirit of greed, here is insatiable two.

lazy confessions - the moldy peaches

a.k.a. sloth. this cute city little ditty is all about being horizontal, dreaming of doing things, but actually not getting up for the entire day. oh well, as long as you've got someone to bring you the potato gems...

l'excessive - carla bruni

a.k.a. gluttony. a.k.a. bring me a wheel of brie and a karafe of red wine, and i'll smash it right before your eyes.

narcissist - the libertines

a.k.a. pride. oh to have been a dragonfly on the wall, buzzing around the lake that narcissist fell into while he was perving on his own face. is that how the myth goes? i was too busy staring into my compact at uni to take notes.

little fury bugs - death cab for cutie

a.k.a. wrath. ha, this song title actually conjures up imagery that has very little to do with extreme anger. but if the bugs are inchmen, then they are crazy mad, because those big, fat cousins of ants bite HARD.

lust - the raveonettes

a.k.a. lust. a song called lust. from the album lust lust lust. did you get that this song pertains to lust yet? no? probably cos you're too busy being a lusty wench. you lust bucket. the end. ps. this song is actually super sexy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

the most important meal of the day

recently i moved house, from sydders inner west to east. it's been an amazingly smooth transition, and so far i'm loving everything about the change of scenery; house to apartment, four to two, goths to botox, so to speak.

but during my 2.5 years in newtown, i must have eaten over 1000 delicious breakfasts in and around the streets of king. yep, do the maths my pretties, sometimes a girl needs to eat more than one breakfast a day.

as i cycle new paths and find new places of delicious morning foods to haunt in my eastern digs, i would like to pay tribute to ten favourite breakfast places i have left behind, but will surely return to often. as long as they do all day breakfasts.

my tribute is in the form of gratuitous cafe plugs and a mixtape of breakfast tunes. thanks inner west. you were rad. x

milk n' cereal - & special sauce

number one totally has to be satellite in newtown. from al and the gang coming to wilson st parties, renee's crush on zoe, kate bush on the stereo, eddie's takeover, dan the scooter riding waiter in amazing leggings, and the best breakfast roll in existence, my heart and breakfast stomach will always belong to you.

tom's diner - susanne vega

i have a dream to eat my way across america's finest highway diners. deus ex machina on parramatta rd has delicious coffee, bellyriffic food and amazing wooden tables that bear no resemblance whatsoever to said diners. but, you can look at pretty things with wheels afterwards. probably you can do that on american highways too?

english tea - paul mccartney

sometimes i can't face coffee in the mornings. usually this is after a night partying with certain peeps, the kind of peeps who also favour cafe martini on king st for breakfast in the a.m. amazing tea and toast though, and martin is so crazy and wacky, he can cure hangovers just by opening his mouth.

heartstopper - emiliana torrini

for the mornings where you can face coffee, do yourself a favour and hop, skip and jump your way down to baffi & mo's at redfern. it is uber delicious, and that's not even the half of it. i can sum up their food menu in two words - hash cakes.

another breakfast with you - ladytron

you know where you don't have just another breakfast? that would be at clipper cafe in glebe. you can get eggs with dukkah for crying out loud, and their sweet treat cabinet? out of this world amazing. just don't leave the door open if it's cold or they will YELL at you.

cigarettes & chocolate milk - rufus wainwright

buzz bar on king st is an excellent breakfast choice for those of a slightly more debaucherous persuasion - the bloody marys at this place are top notch and scarily addictive. watch out, because not only will you stumble out into the daylight drunk, you'll also be poor.

one more cup of coffee - the white stripes

sometimes, all you want for breakfast is a coffee and pain au chocolate. look no further than the recently opened luxe bakery in newtown. the staff here have heaps of character, superbly evident when they got raided a few weeks ago, for selling black market bonsoy.

eggs and their shells - cocteau twins

heading to erko for a minute now, and first up is the gloriously casual cafe sofia. like sister cafes ella and giulia, the menu is yumbo, the atmosphere is relaxed and the juices are fresh. plus, if you're still hungry afterwards (you won't be), you can nip next door for fish and chips!

pancakes for one - of montreal

wander a little further down swanson st towards erskineville oval, and you'll find yourself at bitton cafe. so nice to score a table outside and people watch the villagers walking past. the staff here are super attentive, the menu slightly european and wholly delish. and you're so close to mitchell road, what better way to digest brekkie than by trawling through antiques at the auction house.

breakfast in bed - dusty springfield

beautiful song dusty, but really, who wants crumbs between their sheets? saturday mornings are perfect for strolling down wilson st to the eveleigh farmer's markets (aka outside at carriageworks). there is a place down one end that sells crazy delicious smoked trout and egg and dill mayo on brioche, right next to the yum colombian coffee people. after filling my belly i wander down to buy fresh flowers from the other end, and saturday = perfect.

Friday, February 5, 2010

chinese whispers...

i like to know everything. all the time. surprises are not my friend and secrets can f**k off and die sideways. for the past few months however, secrets and whispers and dancing in the dark have been pervading my all-knowing walls and causing me the kind of discomfort normally associated with heartburn and indigestion.

these haven't been my secrets. oh no. dictionary definition of katie dazzle = open book, and don't worry if you can't read because she can quite happily recite aloud.

but the secrets of others? with their closed lips, closed hearts and closed minds, i'm surprised they haven't turned inside out with the effort it takes to stay shut up so tightly. plus talk about dj paranoia - it's truly unbecoming to think everything is about you. all the time. it's not.

while my cure lies in the form of chalky white antacid tabs, i highly recommend you secret keepers chow down on a dose of mixtape. and open the freaking doors. xx

there's no secrets this year - silversun pickups

that's what i'm rooting for silversun pickups. ps. i think your voice sounds like a cherry flavoured robot.

hide and seek - imogen heap

i heard a horrid remix of this in a supermarket the other day. i wasn't even in a good isle, like the laundry/fabric softener one. luckily i still love the original.

little secrets - passion pit

no, cheeky and shiny little passion pit song. no matter how much you tingle at me, i will never love secrets. not even little ones.

i'm not calling you a liar - florence and the machine

i'm a terrible liar. don't get me wrong, i've told my fair share of porkies and little white ones too. but any time i do it eats me from the inside out and i always confess. because i know how disappointing it is when people you thought you could trust forever let you down.

liar - the cranberries

ok, ok katie dazzle, we get it, you don't like liars! it's just that all the secrets do tend to breed all the lies. vicious nasty trapping lies. agh, does that mean the the truth really does set you free? shitballs, i'm a cliche!

secret meeting - the national

well, where else do you think the secret keepers are hanging out? i bet they're wearing inspector gadget-esque trench coats as well.

a place to hide - white lies

ooh, this song is doubly deserving - track and band name style. you know where i like to hide? nowhere, cos i am always the finder. actually, i am really good at finding lost items, especially shiny things. probably i will open a detective agency soon too.

stop whispering - radiohead

seriously. especially the chinese style whispers. it's just chicken chow mean.

my secret - anna ternheim

hairspray works a treat on getting ink stains out of your favourite dress. ha, not a secret anymore, take that!

everybody's got something to hide except to hide except me and my monkey - the beatles

does that make me the monkey? i always imagained myself as more of a chimpanzee...

Monday, January 4, 2010

sail away...

happy new year happy little campers! hope you all had a marvellous time ringing it in and shaking it out as we said goodbye to 2009.

i think i'll start off 2010 by telling you about my friend lady ship. as her name might suggest, she is one elegant gal. lady ship also happens to make the most amazing silver lovely things, which i would highly recommend you take the time to have a bit of a looksie at.

and hey, while you're at it, perhaps you might like to listen to my mixtape of sailing, sea and salt inspired songs. because whether you're back at work or still on holidays, dreaming of a summer boat-style getaway is a wonderful way to while away a lazy hour or two. ahoy! and don't forget the kwells xx

song to the siren - this mortal coil

super gorgeous and sad song originally by one, mr tim buckley. many a cover has been done - this is my top pick, as well as a super rare and hard to find extended version by the national. too super hard for katie dazzle to find today unfortunately!

ship inside a bottle - kylie auldist

kylie's new album 'made of stone' has a rip-snorter of a summer vibe, and this is my top pick from the soulful lady's latest offering. don't forget, kylie is performing in sydney at days like this! festival this sunday 10th jan - there may just be a few tickets left if you hurry hurry!

saltwater - beach house

i love this song for it's ability to conjure up images of salt encrusted eyelashes, sand encrusted limbs, and a big, fat summer smile in amongst it all.

ship to shore - theme song

the tv show ruled. this theme song rules. that is all.

i'm sailin' - mazzy star

perfect to listen to on your portable speakers while on the boat. the sun is setting, you're anchored in for the evening, and tiny little baby waves are gently lapping the side of your vessel. sigh...

girl sailor - the shins

contrary to popular opinion, when steering a sailboat, do you know it is actually your upper thigh muscles that get the workout, rather than your arms? cos of the grip factor, as all girl sailors will know.

turn this boat around - matt & kim

today is my first day back at work for 2010. i totally wish my boat was pointing back towards to the infinite and far, far away horizon.

islands - the xx

castaways! what three things would you take with you to a deserted island? paw paw ointment, cherries and beer for me.

down river - the temper trap

one of the only things getting me through today is the fact that my favourite aussie band of 2009 are playing at the enmore theatre this friday 8th jan 2010. huzzah!